Exporting Data:
Need to get your data out of StaffnStuff?

StaffnStuff is shutting down as of 1st April 2019. If you need to export your data there are several built-in tools to help you do so, as beyond the shutoff date we will not be able to provide you with any access to the site, nor will we have any access to your records.

Staff Data

You can export all of the data associated with your staff records as long as you are an administrator. To start, please select Manage Staff from the top menu:

Manage Staff

Once on the Manage Staff screen, you can select Export Data

Export Data

This will then allow you to select which users to export data for, and can be filtered by Department or by specific user. This will download a spreadsheet for each user, including all of the information available on the staff members profile. Please be aware this will not export notes, salary details or any attached documents, these items need to be extracted manually if you wish to retrieve them.

Leave Data

StaffnStuff has a built-in reporting feature that will allow you to download all reported holidays, sickness, accidents, overtime and lateness. These can be found by clicking Reports in the top menu.